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List of Articles: Volume 9, No. 1
2-D And 3-D Cellular Models Using Erosion And Dilation: Model Development
Authors: Ahmad Faris Ismail ,
Categories: Microprocessors and Interfaces,
A Linear Algebraic Approach In Analyzing the M/GE/1 And GE/M/1 Queuing Systems At Equilibrium
Authors: Mohammad Saleh bin Mustafa ,Abu Talib Othman ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
An Attribute Grammar Approach to Specifying Halstead's Metrics
Authors: Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani,Robin Hunter ,
Categories: Programming Languages and Algorithms,
Classes Of Interval-Valued Fuzzy Relational Inference Templates
Authors: Yew Kok Meng ,L. J Kohout ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Enhancing The Personal Identification Number Input As A Means Of Identification Signature
Authors: Elok Robert Tee ,N. Selvanathan ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Logic Programming In Neural Networks
Authors: Wan Ahmad Tajuddin bin Wan Abdullah,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Real-Time Multitasking Kernel For IBM-Based Microcomputers
Authors: Mohammed Samaka ,
Categories: Compilers and Operating Systems,
Reproducing Computerised Picture (RCP) Using Rotated Ordered-Dither Matrix
Authors: Zarinah Mohd Kasirun ,
Categories: Computer Graphics,
Response Time Considerations in Realtime Software Design
Authors: Sellappan Palaniappan ,
Categories: Compilers and Operating Systems,
World Wide Web Audio: Ensuring Adequate Hardware And Software Configurations
Authors: Minni Ang ,Abu Talib Othman ,Elok Robert Tee ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,

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