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List of Articles: Volume 21, No. 2
Biolets: Statistical Approach to Biological Random Sequence Generation
Authors: Vinod Chandra S. S,Gopakumar G,Achuthsankar S. Nair,
Categories: Algorithms,
Crosscutting Concern Identification at Requirements Level
Authors: Busyairah Syd Ali,Zarinah Mohd Kasirun ,
Categories: Software Engineering,
Fuzzy Clustering for Image Segmentation Using Generic Shape Information
Authors: M. Ameer Ali,Gour C. Karmakar,Laurence S. Dooley,
Categories: Image Processing,
Identifying False Alarm for Network Intrusion Detection System Using Hybrid Data Mining and Decision Tree
Authors: Nor Badrul Anuar,Hasimi Sallehudin,Abdullah Gani ,Omar Zakaria ,
Categories: Network Security,
Multi-Area QoS Provisioning Using Hierarchical Bandwidth Brokers Architecture
Authors: T.C.Ling ,K. K. Phang ,Ang Tan Fong,Lim Gek Pei ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,

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