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List of Articles: Volume 14, No. 2
A Binary Access Control Scheme with Logical and Physical Keys
Authors: Md. Rafiqul Islam ,Harihodin Selamat ,Mohd. Noor Md. Sap ,
Categories: Compilers and Operating Systems,
Adaptive Reservation TDMA Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Traffic
Authors: Mohamed Hadi Habaebi ,Borhanuddin Mohd Ali ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Concepts for Slicing Object-Oriented Programs
Authors: Nor Adnan Yahaya ,Hamed J. Al-Fawareh ,Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani,
Categories: Programming Languages and Algorithms,
Deriving Global and Local Integrity Rules for a Distributed Database
Authors: Hamidah Ibrahim ,
Categories: Information Systems,
Integrating Network, Cad and VR into the Design and Development of Web-Based Computer Graphics Learning Materials
Authors: Wen-Tsai Sung ,Shih-Ching Ou ,
Categories: Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Learning (CAL) and Machine,
Process Modeling Languages: A Literature Review
Authors: Kamal Zuhairi Zamli ,
Categories: Software Engineering and CASE Tools,
Role-Based Access Control in Kidney Dialysis Information System
Authors: Boon Peng Lim ,Omar Zakaria ,Mustaffa Kamal Mohd Nor ,
Categories: Information Systems,
Sealed-Bid Auction Protocol Implementation Over Corba Architecture
Authors: Mohammad Zahidur Rahman ,Sai Peck Lee,
Categories: Software Engineering and CASE Tools,
Specifying Concurrent Controller of Production Cell Using the Notation of Shared State and Events of Duration Calculus
Authors: Rusdi Md. Aminuddin ,He Jifeng ,Rosni Abdullah ,
Categories: Software Engineering and CASE Tools,
Success Factors to Systems Integration Implementation: More Technically Oriented Than Human Related
Authors: Zaitun Abu Bakar ,
Categories: Information Systems,

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