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List of Articles: Volume 23, No. 1
A New Class of Easily Testable Assignment Decision Diagrams
Authors: Norlina Paraman,Chia Yee Ooi ,Ahmad Zuri Sha’ameri,Hideo Fujiwara ,
A Precise Specification For The Modelling Of Collaborations
Authors: Fernando Valles Barajas ,
Categories: Software Engineering,
DChord: An Efficient and Robust Peer to Peer Lookup System
Authors: Chul-Su Kim,Sanghwan Lee ,Jae-Il Han,Yong-Joon Lee,Jong-Hyun Park ,
Categories: Distributed System,
Reducing Handoff Delay In WLan Using Selective Proactive Context Caching
Authors: T.C.Ling ,Jen Funn Lee ,Kian Pee Hoh ,
Categories: Wireless Communications,
Time-Domain Features And Probabilistic Neural Network For The Detection Of Vocal Fold Pathology
Authors: M. Hariharan ,M. P. Paulraj,Sazali Yaacob ,

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