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List of Articles: Volume 15, No. 2
A Code Generator Tool for the Gamma Design Patterns
Authors: Novia Indriaty Admodisastro ,Sellappan Palaniappan ,
Categories: Software Engineering and CASE Tools,
A Heuristic Genetic Algorithm for Distributed Multicast Routing
Authors: Youwei Yuan ,Lamei Yan ,Mustafa Mat Deris ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
A Performance Study of ATM Multicast Switch with Different Traffics
Authors: Hamirul'Aini Hambali ,Ashwani K. Ramani,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Decision Fusion Comparison for a Biometric Verification System Using Face and Speech
Authors: Andrew Beng Jin Teoh ,Salina Abdul Samad ,Aini Hussain ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Developing an Intelligent User Manager System for Controlling Smart School Network Resources
Authors: Abdullah Gani ,Haralambos Mouratidis ,Nasser S. Abouzakhar ,Gordon A. Manson ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Innovative Algorithms for Running a Web-Based Pattern Recognition Search System for a Component Patterns Database
Authors: Sung-Jung Hsiao ,Kuo-Chin Fan ,Wen-Tsai Sung ,Shih-Ching Ou ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Parallel Implementation on Improved Error Signal of Backpropagation Algorithm
Authors: Teh Noranis Mohd Aris ,Md. Nasir Sulaiman ,Mohd. Yazid Md. Saman ,Mohamed Othman ,
Categories: Compilers and Operating Systems,
Search and Optimisation with Smart Ant-Like Software Agents
Authors: Weng Kin Lai ,Kok Meng Yew,Yit Mei Aw ,Tracy Sock Yin Tai ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Using an Eastern Philosophy for Providing a Theoretical Basis for Some Heuristics Used in Artificial Neural Networks
Authors: Asoka S. Karunananda ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,

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