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List of Articles: Volume 23, No. 2
Compacted Dither Pattern Codes Over MPEG-7 Dominant Colour Descriptor In Video Visual Depiction
Authors: Lochandaka Ranathunga,Roziati Zainuddin,Nor Aniza Abdullah ,
Categories: Algorithms,
Improving QOS In WLAN Using Dynamic Weighted Fair Scheduling
Authors: T.C.Ling ,Ahmed Riza,K. K. Phang ,Kian Pee Hoh ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Prosodic Analysis And Modelling For Malay Emotional Speech Synthesis
Authors: Mumtaz B. Mustafa,Raja N. Ainon,Roziati Zainuddin,Zuraidah M. Don ,Gerry Knowles,Salimah Mokhtar ,
Region Based Huffman (RBH) Compression Technique with code interchange
Authors: Utpal Nandi,Jyotsna Kumar Mandal,
Categories: Algorithms,
Shoulder Surfing Resistance Using PENUP Event And Neighboring Connectivity Manipulation
Authors: Por Lip Yee,Miss Laiha Mat Kiah,

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