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List of Articles: Volume 23, No. 3
An Empirical Evaluation Of Learner Performance In E-Learning Recommender Systems And An Adaptive Hypermedia System
Authors: Khairil Imran Ghauth,Nor Aniza Abdullah ,
Classification And Regression Tree In Prediction Of Survival Of AIDS Patients
Authors: S. Abdul-Kareem ,S. Raviraja ,Namir A Awadh,Adeeba Kamaruzaman,Annapurni Kajindran,
Handgrip Strength Evaluation Using Neuro Fuzzy Approach
Authors: Woo Chaw Seng,Mahsa Chitsaz,
Categories: Fuzzy Logic,
Maintainability Dynamic Metrics Data Collection Based On Aspect-Oriented Technology
Authors: Amjed Tahir,Rodina Ahmad ,Zarinah Mohd Kasirun ,
Categories: Software Quality Assurance,

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