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List of Articles: Volume 24, No. 1
Cohort-Surrogate-Associate: A Server-subscriber Load Sharing Model for Video-On-Demand Services
Authors: Phooi Yee Lau ,Sungkwon Park ,Joohan Lee ,
Deceiving Communication Links on an Organization Email Corpus
Authors: R. Divya,Ch. Aswani Kumar,S. Saijanani,M. Priyadharshini,
Generation of UNL Attributes and Resolving Relations for Punjabi Enconverter
Authors: Parteek Kumar,R. K. Sharma,
Proposed Fault Tolerant New Irregular Augmented Shuffle Network
Authors: Amardeep Gupta,P K Bansal,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
XEBPER: an E-book using Java 3D API
Authors: Hameed. N,Cheah, Yu-N,Rafie, M,
Categories: Multimedia,

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