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List of Articles: Volume 24, No. 2
A Pattern Based Approach for the Derivation of Base Forms of Verbs from Participles and Tenses for Flexible NLP
Authors: Ram Gopal Raj ,S. Abdul-Kareem ,
Cloud Based Video on Demand Model with Performance Enhancement
Authors: R. Lavanya ,V. Ramachandran,
Categories: Distributed System,
Efficient Overlay Multicast Routing for Hybrid Networks
Authors: Imran Ali Khan,Sajjad Ahmad Madani,Mubbashar Saddique,Sana Malik ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Robust Watermarking using Hand Gesture for Enhanced Authentication
Authors: Woo Chaw Seng,Leong Lai Fong ,Ng Liang Shing,Saied Ali Hosseini Noudeh ,
SystemC-Based Hardware/ Software Co-Design of Elliptic Curve Cryptographic System for Network Authentication
Authors: Hau Yuan Wen,Mohamed Khalil Hani ,Muhammad N. Marsono ,
Categories: Network Security,

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