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List of Articles: Volume 25, No. 1
Improving the Relevancy of Document Search using the Multi-Term Adjacency Keyword-Order Model
Authors: Lim Bee Huang,Vimala Balakrishnan,Ram Gopal Raj ,
Categories: Information Retrieval,
Lattice-based Strong Designate Verifier Signature and Its Applications
Authors: Fenghe Wang,Yupu Hu,Baocang Wang,
Near-Boundary Data Selection for Fast Suppor Vector Machines
Authors: Doosung Hwang,Daewon Kim,
Protection in Optical Mesh Networks - A Cost Effective Strategy Based on Topological Constraints
Authors: D.Sheela ,C.Chellamuthu,
Regular Shapes Detection in Satellite Images
Authors: Ahmad R. Eskandari,Zahra Kouchaki,

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