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List of Articles: Volume 26, No. 1
A Study on Farsi Handwriting Styles for Online Recognition
Authors: Vahid Ghods,Ehsanollah Kabir,
AHP Techniques for Persian Text Summarization
Authors: Seyyed Mohsen Tofighy,Ram Gopal Raj ,Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi,
Automatic Classification Of Medical X-Ray Images
Authors: Mohammad Reza Zare,Woo Chaw Seng,Ahmed Mueen,
Categories: Image Processing,
Greedy Interaction Elements Coverage Analysis for AI-Based T-Way Strategies
Authors: AbdulRahman A. Al-Sewari,Norazlina Khamis,Kamal Zuhairi Zamli,
Categories: Software Engineering,
Optimizing Wireless Channel Using Adaptive Modulation To Improve QoS In VANET
Authors: Chembe Christopher,Rafidah Md. Noor ,Ehsan Mostajeran,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Optimum Coefficients Of Discrete Orthogonal Tchebichef Moment Transform To Improve The Performance Of Image Compression
Authors: AHRagamathunisa Begum,D.Manimegalai ,A.Abudhahir,
System Design, Development & Deployment Using Rapid By-Customer Demand With Business Principles Approach
Authors: Felipe P. Vista IV,Kil To Chong,

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