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List of Articles: Volume 26, No. 2
Detecting Faces in Colored Images Using Multi-skin Color Models and Neural Network with Texture Analysis
Authors: Sinan Naji ,Roziati Zainuddin,Sameem A. Kareem,Hamid A. Jalab ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Intelligent Agent Based Pair Programming and Increased Self-Efficacy through Prior-Learning for Enhanced Learning Performance
Authors: L.Jegatha Deborah,R.Baskaran,A.Kannan,P.Vijayakumar,
Path Discovery And Selection For Energy Efficient Routing With Transmit Power Control In MANET
Authors: V. Bhanumathi ,R. Dhanasekaran ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Recognition Of Emotion In Speech Using Spectral Patterns
Authors: Ali Shahzadi ,Alireza Ahmadyfard,Khashayar Yaghmaie ,Ali Harimi ,
Variance Aware Secure Routing for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Kamal Kumar,A. K. Verma ,R.B. Patel ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,

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