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List of Articles: Volume 26, No. 3
Distributed Context Aware Dynamic Adaptation Model for Knowledge Assessment in E-Learning System
Authors: V.Geetha,S.Chandrasekaran ,R.Nadarajan ,G.S.Nandakumar ,
Multi Parents Extended Precedence Preservative Crossover For Job Shop Scheduling Problems
Authors: Ong Chung Sin,Noor Hasnah Moin,Mohd Omar ,
Optimal Resource Key Management Protocol for Clustered Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: T.Kavitha,Dr.D.Sridharan ,
Categories: Wireless Communications,
Spectrum-aware Distributed Channel Assignment for Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks
Authors: Ejaz Ahmed,Muhammad Shiraz,Abdullah Gani ,
Categories: Wireless Communications,
Utilization Of Cross-Terms To Enhance The Language Model For Information Retrieval
Authors: Huda Mohammed Barakat,Maizatul Akmar Ismail,Sri Devi Ravana,
Categories: Information Retrieval,

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