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List of Articles: Volume 26, No. 4
A Direction framework to address problems in Requirements Engineering Education
Authors: Rafia Naz Memon,Rodina Ahmad ,Siti Salwa Salim,
Categories: Requirements/Specifications,
A Study Of Machine Learning Classifiers for Anomaly-Based Mobile Botnet Detection
Authors: Ali Feizollah ,Nor Badrul Anuar,Rosli Salleh,Fairuz Amalina,Ra’uf Ridzuan Ma’arof,Shahaboddin Shamshirband,
Categories: Network Security,
Adapting Web Content Based On User Connection Speed To Ensure Response Time
Authors: Reza Rostami,Thiam Kian Chiew ,
Cache Replacement for Multi-Threaded Applications Using Context Based Data Pattern Exploitation Technique
Authors: Muthukumar S,P K Jawahar,
Optimization of High-Crowd-Density Facilities Based on Discrete Event Simulation
Authors: Yasser M. Alginahi,Muhammad N. Kabir,Ali I. Mohamed,

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