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List of Articles: Volume 27, No. 2
Combining Social-Based Data Mining Techniques To Extract Collective Trends From Twitter
Authors: Gema Bello-Orgaz,Héctor Menéndez,Shintaro Okazaki,David Camacho,
Performance Evaluation Of Enhanced Velocity-Based Handoff Algorithm For Vanet
Authors: Arsalan Emami,Ali Jalooli,Oche Michael,Rafidah Md. Noor ,Ismail Ahmedy,Rosli Salleh,
Relevance Judgments Exclusive of Human Assessors in Large Scale Information Retrieval Evaluation Experimentation
Authors: Prabha Rajagopal,Sri Devi Ravana,Maizatul Akmar Ismail,
Categories: Information Retrieval,
The Practice of Two-Phase Recommender System for Sporting Goods
Authors: Win-Tsung Lo,Yue-Shan Chang,Ruey-Kai Sheu,JaiE. Jung,
Understanding User Behaviors in Social Networking Service for Mobile Learning: a Case Study with Twitter
Authors: Ilkyu Ha,Chonggun Kim,

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