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List of Articles: Volume 28, No. 2
A Flowchart-based Multi-Agent System for Assisting Novice P rogrammers with Problem Solving Activities
Authors: Danial Hooshyar,Rodina Ahmad ,Ram Gopal Raj ,Mohd Hairul Nizam Md. Nasir,Moslem Yousefi,Shi-Jinn Horng,Jože Rugelj,
Comparative Study of Feature Selection Approaches for Urdu Text Categorization
Authors: Tehseen Zia,Muhammad Pervez Akhter,Qaiser Abbas,
Development of a Software Risk Management Model using Unique Features of a Proposed Audit Component
Authors: Ahdieh Sadat Khatavakhotan,Siew Hock Ow ,
Fine-Granular Model Diff Solution For Model-Based Software Configuration Management
Authors: Waqar Mehmood,Nadir Shah,Zahoo-ud-din,Ehsan Ullah Munir,
The Moderating Effect of Working Experience on Health Information System Security Policies Compliance Behaviour
Authors: Norshima Humaidi,Vimala Balakrishnan,

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