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List of Articles: Volume 28, No. 3
A Hierarchical Model for E-learning Implementation Challenges using AHP
Authors: Shahid Farid,Rodina Ahmad ,Mujahid Alam,
A Single-Layer Semi-Supervised Feed Forward Neural Network Clustering Method
Authors: Roya Asadi,Sameem A. Kareem,Mitra Asadi,Shokoofeh Asadi,
Artificial Neural Network-Based Speech Recognition Using Dwt Analysis Applied On Isolated Words From Oriental Languages
Authors: Bacha Rehmam,Zahid Halim,Ghulam Abbas,Tufail Muhammad,
Initializing Genetic Programming using Fuzzy Clustering and its Application in Churn Prediction in the Telecom Industry
Authors: Bashar Al-Shboul,Hossam Faris,Nazeeh Ghatasheh,
Risk Prevention and Deduction in Software Development Using Fuzzy Membership Function
Authors: Faizul Azli Mohd-Rahim,Chen Wang,Halim Boussabaine,Hamzah Abdul-Rahman,

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