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List of Articles: Volume 28, No. 4
A Robust Script Identification System for Historical Indian Document Images
Authors: S. Kavitha,P. Shivakumara,G. Hemantha Kumar,C. L. Tan,
Formal Verification of Contractual Software Architectures using SPIN
Authors: Mert Ozkaya,
Object-Based Viewpoint For Large-Scale Distributed Virtual Environment
Authors: Elfizar,Mohd. Sapiyan Baba,Tutut Herawan,
Q-gram Based Encrypted Codeword Dictionary for Fast Searches Over a Large Collection of Encrypted Unstructured Documents
Authors: Mohammed Afzal Khan,Shoab Ahmad Khan,
RSM: Reducing Mutation Testing Cost Using Random Selective Mutation Technique
Authors: Bouchaib Falah,Mohammed Akour,Salwa Bouriat,

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