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List of Articles: Volume 30, No. 2
Enhanced Onos Sdn Controllers Deployment For Federated Multi-Domain Sdn-Cloud With Sd-Routing-Exchange
Authors: Aris Cahyadi Risdianto,Pang-Wei Tsai,T.C.Ling ,Chu-Sing Yang,Jongwon Kim,
Integrating Java Coding Into Project Based Learning In M-Learning Environment
Authors: Syed Hamid Hasan,Daniyal M. Alghazzawi,Aasim Zafar,
Keypoint Based Authentication And Localization Of Copy-Move Forgery In Digital Image
Authors: Somayeh Sadeghi,Hamid A. Jalab ,KokSheik Wong,Diaa Uliyan,Sajjad Dadkhah,
Linguistic Feature Classifying and Tracing
Authors: Mohammadreza Moohebat,Ram Gopal Raj ,Dirk Thorleuchter,S. Abdul-Kareem ,
Towards Measuring Software Requirements Volatility: A Retrospective Analysis
Authors: Shouki A. Ebad,

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