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List of Articles: Volume 30, No. 3
A Novel Error Correction Scheme In Quantum Key Distribution (Qkd) Protocol
Authors: Siao Ping Lee,Chee Kyun Ng,Makhfudzah Mokhtar,
Determining Evaluation Criteria And Sub-Criteria For E-Learning Software
Authors: Ahmad Fadli Saad,Rukaini Abdullah ,Liyana Shuib,
Medical, Scene And Event Image Category Recognition Using Completed Local Ternary Patterns (CLTP)
Authors: Taha H. Rassem,Bee Ee Khoo,Mohammed Falah Mohammed,Nasrin M.Makbol,
Pairwise Test Data Generation Based On Flower Pollination Algorithm
Authors: Abdullah B. Nasser,AbdulRahman A. Alsewari,Nasser M. Tairan,Kamal Z.Zamli,
Spatio-Temporal Co-Occurrence Characterizations For Human Action Classification
Authors: Aznul Qalid Md Sabri,Jacques Boonaert,Erma Rahayu Mohd Faiza,Ali Mohammed Mansoor,

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