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List of Articles: Volume 31, No. 2
An Investigation Of Video Communication Over Bandwidth Limited Public Safety Network
Authors: Raja Wasim Ahmad,Rafi us Shan,Atta ur Rehman Khan,Kashif Bilal,Junaid Shuja,Shahzad Sarwar,Torki A.Altameem,Sajjad Ahmad Madani,
An Optimized Architecture for Dynamic Reconfigurable FIR Filter in Speech Processing
Authors: Padmapriya. S,V. Lakshmi Prabha,
Hybridization of Magnetic Charge System Search Method for Efficient Data Clustering
Authors: Yugal Kumar,G. Sahoo,
QCA Based Secure Nanocommunication Block Cipher Design Based on Electronic Code Book
Authors: Jadav Chandra Das,Debashis De,
Water-Body Segmentation in Satellite Imagery Applying Modified Kernel K-Means
Authors: Paria Yousefi,Hamid A. Jalab ,Rabha W. Ibrahim,Nurul Fazmidar Mohd. Noor,Mohamad Nizam Bin Ayub,Abdullah Gani ,

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