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List of Articles: Volume 31, No. 3
Adaptive Fast Retransmission with Respect to Receiver Buffer (RBUF) Space in Simultaneous Multipath Transmission (SMT)
Authors: Samiullah Khan,M. Abdul Qadir,Fawad Ali Khan,
Naive Bayes Classifier for Word Sense Disambiguation of Punjabi Language
Authors: Varinder pal Singh,Parteek Kumar,
Partition-based Pattern Matching Approach for Efficient Retrieval of Arabic Text
Authors: Saqib Hakak,Amirrudin Kamsin,Palaiahnakote Shivakumara,Mohd Yamani Idna Idris,
Reduced Solution Set Shortest Path Problem: Capton Algoritm with Special Reference to Dijkstra’s Algorithm
Authors: Qaiser Abbas,Qasim Hussain,Tehseen Zia,Arfan Mansoor,
The Effect of Conception of Internet Usage and SMEs’ Activities on Organizational Performance Among Tourism Enterprises in Malaysia
Authors: Fatemeh Sharifonnasabia,Ram Gopal Raj ,Mohd Zuhdi bin Marsukia,

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