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List of Articles: Volume 16, No. 2
Adaptive Routing in Packet-Switched Networks Using Agents Updating Methods
Authors: Mohammad Saleh,Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Benefits of Systems Integration: Qualitative or Quantitative?
Authors: Zaitun Abu Bakar ,
Categories: Information Systems,
Component and Federation Concept Models in a Federated Database System
Authors: Nayyer Masood,Barry Eaglestone,
Categories: Database Management,
Object-Database Approach for a Hypervideo Platform
Authors: Qurban A. Memon ,Shakeel A. Khoja,
Categories: Database Management,
Pro-Active QoS Resource Management Schemes for Future Integrated Packet-Switched Networks
Authors: Shamala Subramaniam,Mohamed Othman ,Rozita Johari ,Mohd. Yazid Md. Saman ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Survey of Network Processors (NP)
Authors: K. Ettikan,Rosni Abdullah ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Utilising Signal Measurement in Bandwidth Reservation Scheme for QOS Provisioning in Multimedia Wireless Networks
Authors: Prihandoko,Mohamed Hadi Habaebi ,Borhanuddin Mohd Ali ,
Categories: Wireless Communications,
Von-Data Hybrid System Architecture
Authors: Adnan Shaout,Atif A. Nsour,
Categories: Computer Architecture,

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