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List of Articles: Volume 17, No. 1
A Persistence Framework for Object-to-Relational and Multidimensional DBMSS
Authors: Tong Ming Lim ,Sai Peck Lee,
Categories: Object-Oriented Design Methods,
DCT Based Texture Classification Using Soft Computing Approach
Authors: Golam Sorwar,Ajith Abraham,
Categories: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
Designing Software for Child Users: A Case Study of a Web Page Construction Kit for Children
Authors: Ag. Asri Ag. Ibrahim,Siti Salwa Salim,
Categories: Software Engineering and CASE Tools,
Generation of Binary Trees in B-Order From (0-1) Sequences
Authors: Hayadeh Ahrabian,Abbas Nowzari-Dalini,
Categories: Programming Languages and Algorithms,
Knowledge Management (KM) Framework for Representing Lessons Learned System for Communities of Pract
Authors: Mohd Nasir Ahmad Sharif,Kamaruddin Malik Mohamad,Rose Alinda Alias,Shamsul Shahibudin,Nor Hidayati Zakaria,
Categories: Knowledge Management,
Performance Prediction for Parallel Scientific Application
Authors: Rafiqul Zaman Khan,Abdul Quaiyum Ansari,Kalim Qureshi,
Categories: Programming Languages and Algorithms,
Preliminary Investigation of Collecting Malaysia Web Pages Using Automated Traversing Tool
Authors: Zaitun Abu Bakar ,Tracy Sock Yin Tai ,
Categories: Information Systems,
Testing the Satisfiability of Z Formal Specifications by Using Prolog
Authors: Abdullah Mohd. Zin ,Zarina Shukur,
Categories: Programming Languages and Algorithms,

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