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List of Articles: Volume 10, No. 2
A Flexible and Reliable Distributed Multimedia System For Multimedia Information Superhighways
Authors: James Won-Ki Hong ,Tae-Hyoung Yun ,Ji-Young Kong ,Young-Mi Shin ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
A New Fast Navier-Stokes Solver and Its Parallel Implementation
Authors: Norhashidah Hj. Mohd. Ali ,Abdul Rahman Abdullah,
Categories: Programming Languages and Algorithms,
Aliases and Their Effect on Data Dependency Analysis
Authors: R. Parimaladevi ,R. K. Subramanian ,
Categories: Compilers and Operating Systems,
Considerations For a Malaysian Cradle-To-Grave Identification Proposal
Authors: Elok Robert Tee ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Design and Optimization of Ladder Wave Digital Filters
Authors: Salina Abdul Samad ,Zainul Abidin Md. Sharrif ,S. M. Golam Sorwar ,
Categories: Microprocessors and Interfaces,
Issues in Requirement Engineering of Object-Oriented Information Systems: A Review
Authors: Sai Peck Lee,
Categories: Information Systems,
Localising a Spreadsheet: An Iban Example
Authors: Alvin Yeo ,Robert Barbour ,
Categories: Information Systems,
Modelling Thought Processes on a Neural Network
Authors: L. P. Ranatunga ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Transporting MPEG-II Video Streams on ATM Networks with a Modified J-EDD Scheme
Authors: Ting-Chao Hou ,Chien-Chang Chen ,Wen-Jer Wu ,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Using Neural Networks to Explicate Human Category Learning: A Simulation of Concept Learning and Lexicalisation
Authors: Syed Sibte Raza Abidi ,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,

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