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List of Articles: Volume 19, No. 2
Clustering of CPU Usage Data in Grid Environment using Evoc Algorithm
Authors: Chan Huah Yong,Kee Sim Ee,Fazilah Haron,
Categories: Grid Computing,
Fuzzy-Based Boundary Enhancement for Echocardiogram Using Local Image Characteristics
Authors: Sheila Chan,Gopalakrishnan Sainarayana,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Global Optimization Accuracy and Evolutionary Dynamics of the Generalized Generation Gap Algorithm with Adaptive Mutation
Authors: Jason Teo,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Gradient-Based Optical Flow for Large Motion Using Multi-Resolution Smoothing Operation Pre-Processing Technique
Authors: Md. Mosharrof Hossain Sarker,Kamal Bechkoum ,
Categories: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
Handwritten English Vowels Recognition Using Hybrid Evolutionary Feed-forward Neural Network
Authors: Manish Mangal,Manu Pratap Singh,
Categories: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
New Bounding Volume Approach for Detecting Collision in Computer Animation
Authors: Abdullah Bade,Norhaida Suaib,Abdullah Mohd. Zin ,Tengku Mohd Tengku Sembok,
Categories: Computer Graphics,
Predictive Preemptive Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing
Authors: Sofiane Boukli Hacene,Ahmed Lehireche,Ahmed Meddahi,
Categories: Communications and Computer Networks,
Scheduling Framework for Bandwidth-Aware Job Grouping-Based Scheduling in Grid Computing
Authors: Ng Wai Keat,Ang Tan Fong,T.C.Ling ,Liew Chee Sun,
Categories: Grid Computing,

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