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List of Articles: Volume 20, No. 2
A Real-Time Line Segmentation Algorithm for An Offline Overlapped Handwritten Jawi Character Recognition Chip
Authors: Zaidi Razak ,Khansa Zulkiflee,Rosli Salleh,Mashkuri Haji Yaacob ,Emran Mohd Tamil ,
Categories: Microprocessors and Interfaces,Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
Adjustment of Membership Functions, Generation and Reduction of Fuzzy Rule Base From Numerical Data
Authors: Raouf Ketata,Hatem Bellaaj,Mohamed Chtourou,Mohamed Ben Amer,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,
Brain Magnetic Resonance Image Lateral Ventricles Deformation Analysis and Tumor Prediction
Authors: Kai Xiao,Sooi Hock Ho,Aboul Ella Hassanien,
Categories: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
Enhanced MRA Images Quality Using Structure Adaptive Noise Filter And Edge Sharpening Methods
Authors: Jawad Haider Kazmi,Kalim Qureshi,Haroon Rashid,
Categories: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
Enhanced Software Development Effort and Cost Estimation Using Fuzzy Logic Model
Authors: Su Moon Ting ,T.C.Ling ,K. K. Phang ,Liew Chee Sun,S.N. Gan,
Categories: Artificial Intelligence,Project Management,Software Development,
Hybrid Evolutionary Approach for Multi-Objective Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
Authors: Kazi Shah Nawaz Ripon,
Categories: Algorithms,
Intelligent IEEE 802.11B Wireless Networks Mac Layer Diagnostic Controller in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Authors: Soo Wooi King,K. K. Phang ,T.C.Ling ,Ang Tan Fong,
Categories: Wireless Communications,
Using Rule-Based Technique in Developing the Tool For Finding Suitable Software Methodology
Authors: Mastura Hanafiah ,Zarinah Mohd Kasirun ,
Categories: Software Development,Software Engineering,

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