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Title:Shoulder Surfing Resistance Using PENUP Event And Neighboring Connectivity Manipulation
Auhtor(s): Por Lip Yee,Miss Laiha Mat Kiah,
Journal:Malaysian Journal of Computer Science (ISSN 0127-9084)
Volume:23, No 2
Keywords:Picture-Based Password, Graphical Authentication, Shoulder Surfing, Drawmetric, Background Pass-Go
Abstract:Picture-based password has been proposed as an alternative authentication method to replace text-based password. Ensuring the security of picture-based password is not a simple task as picture-based objects are a lot easier to access and remember and can thus be easily guessed. In particular, shoulder surfing attack still remains as the main security threat encountered by many picture-based password authentication schemes, especially in drawmetric authentication scheme. In this paper, a novel shoulder surfing resistance mechanism has been proposed and evaluated. The proposed mechanism utilises penup event and neighbouring connectivity manipulation into a revised Background Pass-Go scheme. From the evaluation result, it has proven that the proposed mechanism achieves better results in resisting shoulder surfing attack while, at the same time, allowing a larger password space.

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